About Me

Hi! My name is Kate.

I’m a 19-year-old amateur filmmaker originally from Wiltshire, but now living in Bristol studying filmmaking at UWE. My passions include pottery, making (and watching) films, and making music. I’m also part of a two-piece band called Dazed (@dazedbris on Instagram) where my friend Jack and I write music together.

My passion for filmmaking really was started off by my Grandad- he worked for Radio Tees as a radio host when my mum was growing up, and frequently found himself dabbling in the art of video. When I was young he encouraged me to look into the finer details of life and encouraged me to do this through the lens of a camera. I’ve never looked back

I often find myself suffering from imposter syndrome, especially with my course, where I believe my work isn’t very good; I’d like to think that’s a modest part of me, but I honestly do love what I do. I live and breathe filmmaking and, as much as it does stress me out, the end result is always worth it.

I hope you enjoy looking around my page 🙂


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