Roses Are Red

‘Roses Are Red’ is a film I shot with a few other students in December of 2018. My friend Archie directed the project, Alex was the DOP and I edited the project. We also had help from Lauren and Shiku. In the film, Archie plays a husband with anger issues and emotionally and physically abuses his wife, played by Lauren. We wanted to explore the taboo topic of domestic abuse- a topic that can so easily be portrayed in an insensitive way. We felt as if domestic abuse had never been shown in a secretive way in a film- when displayed within a narrative, the abuse was always explicit rather than implicit. We wanted to create this project as a way of displaying abuse in an implicit way- Archie’s body language, and subsequently Lauren’s body language, displays this fractured relationship between the two. This uncomfortable nature of their relationship only leads to the audience feeling awkward and as if they too are within this uncomfortable relationship- this is something we really wanted to play upon with our use of aesthetics, tone and atmosphere. We also put the film in black and white to further this uncomfortable atmosphere.

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